I Learnt chart patterns this way and it was 100% free !!

Finviz is a free stock screener that is so good, you will not find anything close to this for free.   They do provide an elite subscription service and the difference between the two is Elite is real time and the free version has a 15 min delay.

This is not the end of the world.  I mainly use finviz to scan setups for the next day rather than real time.

So if you click the banner you may be a little confused as there is a lot choose and use, so let me show you around a little.

1st Create an account this is free and allows you to save your scan settings.  Registration is on the top left of the site

Ok, the useful stuff on the front page….

If you scroll down the front page you will find lists like this.  One tells you all about the movers and any signals that may be related to their moves.  Key elements within stocks are volume and price action, learn about these and half the battle is done.


Scrolling down the page a little more gives you this list.  This is the best place to learn chart patterns.  you can click the ticker and it will take you to the chart, study these to understand the pattern (the signal is the pattern in these cases).  This is a must.

Front Chart

The rest of the stuff on the front page you can look over and play with yourself, I hardly use them.  Now I will show you the scan part.

Creating a Scan

  1. On the front page select screener.


2. The page will open with the below at the top of the page, finviz allows you to scan by 3 catagories “Descriptive”,”Fundamental”,”Technical” and “All”.  I have found that selecting all is the best scan setup, so Click all.


3. You now can create your scans by selecting the criteria you want for your scan.  You can save this scan if you have created an account.  All allows you to scan by almost any criteria you want its brilliant as its FREE.  If you have created a scan previously you just go to “My Presets” to find them.


Clicking on any ticker will take you to the chart and you then can change timeframes etc.  However the free version will not let you view some of the lower timeframes.


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