Foundation SetUps and Plays

I wanted to share some of the best videos i found on Youtube, I have selected a collection from Investors Underground (IU).  IU is where I home for my chat, but I will review chats in another blog.  If you cant wait you can check out IUs website or DVDs they sell by clicking on links below.

IUs Chat Service (The best chat I found, no BS in chat and real good calls).

IU’s Discounted DVDs (I found Tandem Trader to be the best, I still watch chapters today).

Textbook Trading

Tandem Trader

So the first video explains the basics of day trading, really helped me understand the game a little.

Video 2 starts to look at Level 2, Candles, Volume and Time & Sales.  These 4 things are the only things i now use to trade with.  I have tried every indicator you can think off.  But you need to know about these four things.

Vid 3 starts to talk over basic bullish patterns, breakouts and bounces.

Vid 4 now getting into Short selling and float rotation (Float rotation is important so watch).

Vid 5 starts to talk over you enviroment you are trading in, may seem simple but can make the difference.  Remember you may not be able to have the ultimate setups.

Another review of brokers.

Basics of scanning

Trading Services

You can subscribe to IU on Youtube if you like these vids.

Thanks for reading…


Day Trading Lessons


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