April 5th 2017 – Watchlist

Todays watch list.

There are so many today you should be selecting the best setups you recognise and know how to play.

$NVCR – This is a continuation play from last couple of days, need to watch the SSR on it but should be worth keeping an eye on.

$AKTX – Again continuation play upside may not be fully over but again on watch.

$BNTC – This popped and faded the last couple of days, I managed to catch the crack yesterday at the end of lunch so looking for this to continue its down trend.

$CALI – Same as above, called this one on twitter to fade away and it did, ideally will run a little before breaking down again.

$CONN – Same as $BNTC & $CALI.

$INNL – This is up on buyout news so no play.

$CYCC – Again continuation play, but need to be careful as last couple of days has had some multi-dollar moves up and down so don’t get stubborn.  Entry is key with this one if range continues today.

$KOS – Popped onto radar after Finviz scan, could be interesting one to watch over next couple of days.

Want to know more about Finviz (its free) you can check out my blog post on it I Learnt chart patterns this way and it was 100% free !! or just click the banner below.


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