April 6th 2017 – Watchlist

My plan today is to only play perfect setups lost my discipline a little yesterday so back to the basics.

Ok todays watchlist –

$CALI – I knew i should have swung this, but as I was off my game best to be flat (Flat is a term used that means you have no trades on).  This had a great run yesterday after a real nice wash.  I was in Pre Market (PM) and out in first 10 mins for a nice profit.  Its crashed back to the 3.70’s in afterhours (AH).  If current trends are anything to go by the momo traders will leave this one to fade away now so hoping for a pop and fail today.  4.10’s was a key battle ground yesterday so pop to that and fade away would be nice. Update 6.26 – EST Now popped up to 4.20 this might have some range today, expect it to pop a little more when PM really opens for the masses.

$CDTX – This popped at close yesterday, but looking at history its not great.  I will put this on my long term watch and see what it does over next couple of days/week. Most probably will not touch this.

$AKTX – Show a little strength yesterday and on the yearly its starting to curly or consolidate a bit, going to watch it again need to see some real weakness before this one comes into play, but saying that very nice range almost $1 plus a share over past couple of days, so couple be a nice scalp if the conditions are right.

$APOP – Another recent runner which seems to be consolidating, needs to confirm which way it wants to go.  So would expect a very small green day today.  Looking at history over past couple of days this may potentially wash out and consolidate with an end of day ramp, If so could make a nice swing trade into next week.

$CONN – Showed some more strength yesterday and a history multiple day run ups.  Will be watching this one for signs of weakness but in no hurry to get in as previous runs have lasted 4 days with volume reducing each day and its current run seems to be following that course.

$CYCC – Completly missed this one yesterday as to0 focused on $CALI, but ideally would want a massive retrace and fail, but somehow I dont think that will happen.  Still on watch as you never know.  This was and potentially still is on SSR so make sure if trading this you factor that in to your decision making.

$KOS – Well it broke its current grinding trend yesterday, but not as much as I would have liked.  So I will keep this on watch to see how it plays out over next couple of days, but i fear that was just a profit taking day and the upwards trend will continue.

$NVCR – Again still on SSR.  This one has a big gap to fill and managed to hold yesterday, however i think that may be down to the SSR.  Afterhours it looked very weak so I want it to pop and fade today.  A potential swing lol, if you wanted to swing this you should have entered a couple of days ago.  This one will be very crowded so may have some volitiliy and big moves if volume returns, so stomach them and you should be fine.

Out of all the stocks I pick, personally I will only play one at a time.  I usually one focus on one all day this helps me focus and apply my plan.  Be a master of one, not a jack of all you make more money that way.  Read my Trading Pshycology Blog and look at the books at the bottom takling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) will improve your returns no end.


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