April 7th 2016 Watchlist

Wow! what was going on yesterday afternoon and AH.  Loads of runners I really hope no one got stuck on the wrong side of them.  I had a slow but good day, made one trade and recovered the loss from 5th so I’m a happy chappie.

Ok today could be an interesting day, based on the close yesterday so you all need to be super careful only play what you know and it must be perfect.  

DO NOT FOLLOW OTHERS CALLS, there is a reason they tell everyone what they are doing and its not to be nice, They will usually have multiple accounts and use them to profit everytime you lose.  So if you follow your still in the 90% of traders who will fail, its just a matter of time.  I learnt this lesson the hard way it ended up costing me $10,000.

$HTGM, $CBIO, $CYCC, $APOP – These are all previous poppers which ran yesterday afternoon.  Big moves on these and $HTGM & $APOP still looking strong, others had nice pullbacks so need to see PM on them.  $CBIO, $CYCC may follow $HTGMs AHs action in PM which would be real nice.  Am looking to short the s*%t out of these but only if the setup is perfect and price action is good. Update – $CYCC is on SSR

$CLNT – Another runner but unlike above this one has not ran previously in last week or so.  real nice move from 3’s to 8’s just mental.  It pulled back into close and is holding AH.  Will be watching this PM and at open to see how it starts.  This will be one of my main watches today.

$AKTX – This one just keeps going, gapped up and ran to 18’s yesterday, which makes me wish I could long junk stocks but I just cant bring myself to do it.  This ones run could be over and if so may move down to fill the gap quickly.  However I think this wil consolidate today and fade away next week.

$ZENO – If you look at the yearly on this the last few days of run up is un-natural and you should really see some pullback before it heads up again, which this has not had.  Not looking to play until weakness but keeping it on watch to see what it does.  Volume still strong but could be a nice little one for next week if trend holds today.  Need to see what it does on 1st red day.

$NVFY – Made my loss back on this one yesterday which was nice, but it was hard work as the pattern was a classic slow fader as highlighted in IU’s Tandem Trader DVD, but this junk was sllloooooowwww.  It feels like it still has a little more to give but dependant on what happens with top 4 may not play it.  Would expect to see a pop and fade PM / Open.

$XELB – This one was up yesterday hit the 4’s and ended testing the 3’s so had nice range, wanting to see it pop again and fade but think I’m a little late to the party so will keep an eye on it but not at the top of my list.  Has gained a little PM.

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Thxs The D0ct0r,  Please leave comments or feedback


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