April 10 2017 Watchlist

Well what a day Friday  main play was $CLNT some real nice moves and mega float rotation, but finished around its PM price.

Todays watchlist

$CLNT, $HTGM, $APOP, $CYCC, $CBIO all recent runners which most had a disappointing day Friday.  I really expected them to have a lot more action, volume and moves.  It may be the start of these going back to their normal levels.  SSR is currently on $HTGM, $CBIO and $APOP so if these remain and volumes starts to spike again we might see some very sharp moves so be careful and trade your plan.

$AKTX – Still on watch plan same as previous watchlists.

$CNAT – This had a really strong close on Friday with about a 70 cent move.  It held its gains into close and broke out again in AH.  If it gets the volume today and the 6.30 level tests and holds may be a decent long play, if not could be a nice short.

$CETC – Looks like we have a little pocket rocket here.  This bad boy popped AH Friday.  I like these types of plays when you look at the history of the stock Pop – Fail, Pop-Fail.  So when this is no longer halted I would expect it to fail.  If it does not then no play as its changing its pattern.

$CCCR – A little similar to $CETC – Look at the history.  I would expect this one to pop a little higher before ending the day below its opening price.  Its all in the history.

My main watches today are $CCCR and $CETC.  I don’t really like Monday trading so will only play perfect setups that are planned.

You to can scan for yourself just check out…..


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