April 10 2017 Watchlist

Well what a day Friday  main play was $CLNT some real nice moves and mega float rotation, but finished around its PM price. Todays watchlist $CLNT, $HTGM, $APOP, $CYCC, $CBIO all recent runners which most had a disappointing day Friday.  I really expected them to have a lot more action, volume and moves.  It may … Continue reading April 10 2017 Watchlist


April 7th 2016 Watchlist

Wow! what was going on yesterday afternoon and AH.  Loads of runners I really hope no one got stuck on the wrong side of them.  I had a slow but good day, made one trade and recovered the loss from 5th so I'm a happy chappie. Ok today could be an interesting day, based on … Continue reading April 7th 2016 Watchlist

April 6th 2017 – Watchlist

My plan today is to only play perfect setups lost my discipline a little yesterday so back to the basics. Ok todays watchlist - $CALI - I knew i should have swung this, but as I was off my game best to be flat (Flat is a term used that means you have no trades … Continue reading April 6th 2017 – Watchlist

April 5th 2017 – Watchlist

Todays watch list. There are so many today you should be selecting the best setups you recognise and know how to play. $NVCR - This is a continuation play from last couple of days, need to watch the SSR on it but should be worth keeping an eye on. $AKTX - Again continuation play upside … Continue reading April 5th 2017 – Watchlist

Foundation SetUps and Plays

I wanted to share some of the best videos i found on Youtube, I have selected a collection from Investors Underground (IU).  IU is where I home for my chat, but I will review chats in another blog.  If you cant wait you can check out IUs website or DVDs they sell by clicking on … Continue reading Foundation SetUps and Plays